Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

This summer, we are lucky enough to live in an apartment above a family's garage. The rent is incredibly low, the apartment is furnished, and we get along with the family really well. There is, however, one drawback. We have no television - which we can live without - and no internet. Cue the dramatic music!

Not only is the music very fitting to the situation, but the look of the chipmunk is the same look we get from people when they hear this fun fact. We brought along a few movies in case we wouldn't have a television (smart move!), and since we are poor and don't go ever go out, we often stay in for dinner and a movie. It looks a little something like this:

Don't be too jealous.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

D.C. and a Wonderful Birthday

What a fun month it has been! To begin, our friends JJ and Brittany came to DC for his job. So far, we haven't met too many people our age to hang out with, so this was a breath of fresh air! One of the coolest things in D.C. we've done so far is going to see the Changing of the Guard which happens in Arlington Cemetery. There is a place where "the tombs of the unknown soldiers" are buried. These tombs are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I got online to read about the process, and if you don't know much about it, it's worth it! The guards are so devoted. It is such a reverent thing to watch. The feeling you get is indescribable. You just want to join the army right away and go help the world.

Arlington Cemetery is absolutely beautiful. And huge. It is amazing how everything is perfectly aligned.

This is one of my favorite statues. My brother drew a picture of it when he was really young, and since then, I have been so intrigued by the story. Now I just need to read Flags of our Fathers!

My birthday was on a Wednesday, so Patrick and I couldn't do anything until after he got off work. He took me out to this delicious Italian restaurant where we first tried a cannoli. Oh. My. Gosh. We had been dying to go back and eat there, so this was the perfect time to do it!

While Patrick was at work that day, he sent me various text messages telling me to look in specific places in our house. He had hidden lots of little gifts for me to enjoy. He is always so thoughtful. It's one of his best qualities. Not only did I get some fun things from him, but my mom sent me a "comic strip" of the story of my birth (I promise it doesn't go into gross detail), my niece drew a picture for me, and Patrick's parents sent me a gift card to JCrew!

Little did I know, my birthday surprises weren't over! Thursday morning, Patrick told me I needed to pack a suitcase for a weekend trip. He wouldn't tell me where we were going, or how we were getting there. I don't do well with surprises. He had to put up with my questions constantly until we left. He text me and told me what clothes to bring, but that it was necessary that I pack compactly. I thought we were flying somewhere. Friday morning, he told me I needed to take the metro to Union Station in D.C. and be there by 5:30. It was about this time that I realized we were going to New York.

We arrived at Penn Station around 9:30, and when we got to the top of the escalator, I heard someone shout "hey!" at me. I looked to my right and my parents were standing there. ANOTHER surprise! Apparently, they had been planning this trip for a few months. I had no idea!

Patrick hadn't ever been to New York, so we had to fit in a lot of sight-seeing in two days. We had one of the most memorable experiences on Canal Street. Canal Street is where they sell all of the knockoff purses, jewelry, etc. Some people were trying to get us to buy purses by showing us pictures of what they had. However, my mom said she wouldn't buy anything unless she could actually see it. After a while, they hurried us into this crappy little store. The woman sitting at the desk slowly reached underneath her newspaper and pressed a button. A hidden door immediately opened, and we were hurried into the back. There was a small room FULL of knockoff purses! When anybody would speak, the people would run over and tell them to be quiet. It was so sketchy, but so fun. Once everyone had picked out the purses they wanted, they paid for them in the back, put them in a black trash bag, and pushed everyone out the secret door as fast as they could!

The very best part of the trip was going to see Wicked. I have ALWAYS wanted to see it. In high school, we sang a medley from the play, but I've never known the actual story. It was fantastic! I will definitely be going to see this again.

This was the best birthday ever.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Over Memorial Day weekend, Patrick and I got to go to Orlando for a fun theme-park-filled weekend. We started out spending the first day going to three different parks at Disney World: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and The Magic Kingdom. We had to run over to Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster because the line always gets SO long! It was by far our favorite ride at Disney World.

We went to the Animal Kingdom next. It was our first time there, and although it was small, we really enjoyed it. Everest was pretty neat, but the best part was cooling off after the water ride. My mom was the most wet, but you can't tell since she's wearing black pants. She didn't go on any other water rides after that.

Day #2 were both Universal parks. Of course, the very first thing we did was head to Harry Potter World! It was pretty amazing how they made it all come to life. My favorite part was being inside the castle and seeing the talking portraits. It all seemed so real! We went into Olivander's Wand Shop, Honeydukes, and Zonko's Joke Shop. Patrick asked a worker there how late the shops were open, and she immediately informed him that there were some shops that were just facades of a building. Yeah...

Butter beer!

Our final morning in Orlando, we went to my family's favorite miniature golf course of all time: Pirates Cove. It is a family tradition to play there each visit, and we couldn't let Patrick leave without playing there as well! He and my dad seem to have an ongoing competition at whatever they do. My family is pretty competitive. Patrick beat my dad on the Buzz Lightyear ride, my dad beat Patrick on the Men In Black ride, and beat him again at mini-golf. HOWEVER, my dad lost to my mom on both MIB, and mini-golf, so at least Patrick found some joy in that. I think I would have won were it not for my hair constantly blocking my view.

My dad was making a "number two" sign because Patrick's first shot hit the rope. Again, my dad is pretty competitive.

The only problem with the trip was that it was too short. Hopefully we can go back again soon! And if not that, maybe a Disney Cruise.... Mom.... Dad.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's About Time!

Since we've been married, Patrick has been asking me to create a blog. Two months later, I'm finally getting around to it. However, I will partly blame my slowness to the fact that we don't have the internet at our apartment this summer.

We drove from Utah to Maryland two weeks ago, stopping in Kansas along the way to stay with my family. We left Kansas in the morning and were nearly to Indianapolis when we got a flat tire. I was driving and hit a pothole. Oops! We had to unpack EVERYTHING in my trunk on the side of the interstate at nearly 10:00 that night so Patrick could change the tire. I couldn't find the camera to get a picture, but it was pretty funny to say the least. We ended up staying the night in a hotel and fixing the tire in the morning.

Did I mention that we found a tick on Patrick's leg that night? Yuck.

Luckily, that was the only problem along the way. We love the area we're living in this summer. It's gorgeous here. Everything is so green. Patrick started his internship in DC this week and loves it. While Patrick's internship is what he is focusing on this summer, my focuses are not on a job. At least, not yet.

While I was in Kansas, my mom took me to a fabric store and we picked out fabric for each of us to make one of these:

I am making the yoyo's for the quilt - nearly 400 are required. So far, I've made 72.

My other "projects" include cooking and P90X! Patrick and I decided to do Tony's P90X throughout the summer. We are on day number three and both of us are SO sore. Only 87 days to go!

Today I decided to go visit my Grandmother's, Granddad's, and Uncle's graves. Their family was from Bethesda which is just a few minutes away. They were buried in a beautiful cemetery in Rockville, very close to where I take Patrick to the metro. It was so beautiful. On my way there, it was POURING. Once I got out to look for the graves, it slowed to a light drizzle. It was nice to be able to put my umbrella down and sit by the headstone. It was more emotional than I expected, but it made me so happy nonetheless. Although I miss them, I am glad to know that they are together and so happy.

On Saturday we are going to DC to walk around and see some of the sites, then next week we get to go to Orlando with my parents! I am so excited. We are going to Disney World and Universal Studios. It will be a quick weekend, but a great way to start the summer.